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DSC_1243 (2)

Cultured and dyed, I love the vibrant colors of these  button-shaped pearls.


DSC_1261 (2)

New Fashion in Pearl Necklaces

Though sometimes called “Grandmother’s boring pearls“, the classic strands are still the most popular pearl necklaces. White, round, princess length (18 inches), and strung on silk thread with knots between beads.

However, new eccentric styles of pearl strands are also gaining popularity nowadays. Dyed to all shades of different colors, oval or more irregular shaped pearls are used in new designs.

In this strand, I strung two different-colored rice-shaped freshwater cultured pearls with holes at one end. Also, I made it opera length, so I can wear it over my clothing.

Definitely non-traditional, but I love it nonetheless, or more so. Even when artificially colored, the pearls carry on their characteristic elegant sheen.


Cultured Pearl Choker

I made two chokers, one using freshwater cultured irregular pearls, and the other using Swarovski pearls.


Swarovski Pearl Choker




Swarovski pearl necklace has a more artificial but sophisticated look, while the cultured pearl one has a less refined, but more natural charm.

Which do you like better?